National plan for the response to the ebola virus disease epidemic in North Kivu province

from Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Published on 10 Aug 2018 View Original


Since 1976, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has faced 9 epidemics of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the latest of which occurred in May 2018. All these epidemics have been characterized by high infectiousness, high mortality, and serious degradation of the socioeconomic situation of the population.


The province of North Kivu is one of the most densely populated provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (8 million people), it shares borders with four other provinces (Ituri, South Kivu, Maniema and Tshopo) and with the countries of Uganda and Rwanda.

The far north offers a semblance of peace, but the current situation in this part of North Kivu Province is unpredictable and could have adverse security implications. It is an area dominated by armed conflict with a risk of deliberate attacks and acts of hostility against facilities, personnel and property during periods of tension.

The response teams must show considerable patience, as the situation in the region is very unstable.