MONUSCO forces discover an important cache of ammunition in North Kivu

MONUSCO Indian peacekeepers discovered, on 4 August 2014, an important cache of ammunition in Tshanzu, some 6 km south of their operating base located in the area of Tchengerero, in North Kivu.

The cache contained 2 missiles (8 ft long) of an unknown type, 68 rounds of artillery ammunition (155 & 130 mm), 58 mortar shells (81 &, 60 & 120 mm), 331 rounds of cannon ammunition (30mm), 5 rounds of grenade (40 mm), 1 RPG rocket launcher, 6 anti-personnel mines and 2017 cartridges.

This was the fourth time in a period of one month that MONUSCO forces recovered a significant quantity of arms and ammunition hidden in the same area, according to the Indian peacekeepers.

These discoveries were the result of extensive patrolling of the area by Indian peacekeepers, as well as of awareness activities conducted with the local population.

However, MONUSCO forces continued their vigilance by closely monitoring the area in order to effectively implement the arms and ammunition embargo preventing easy access to weaponry by illegal armed groups still active in North Kivu, and so ensure the protection of civilians.