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MONUSCO donates two vehicles to Uvira Local Administration

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Uvira, 08 May 14 – The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) in Uvira donated two vehicles Toyota Land cruiser made to Uvira territorial Administration and a local hospital, in a ceremony attended by MONUSCO/Uvira chief and the territorial administrator Mr. Samuel Lunganga Lenga. The donation is the materialization of a promise made by the Director of MONUSCO administration, Mr. Guy Siri who, when visiting Uvira on 03 - 04 April 2014 pledged to increase the local administration’s operational capacities to help them provide better medical care to a population faced with cholera.

During his visit to the hospital, Mr. Siri noticed that the medical care provided to curb cholera was deplorable. Deeply moved when witnessing scenes of patients arriving but not receiving any medical care due to limited accommodating capacity; he requested that 40 beds, buckets of water, soap, water purification tools, 200 liters of reiniger serum, two 15 000 liter-reservoir of water be urgently availed to the Center for Cholera Treatment CTC as well as 40 kits for intravenous perfusion. MONUSCO should as well supply on a regular basis safe drinking water to the hospital when faced with water supply disruption. MONUSCO installed the CTC in the general hospital to receive the surplus of patients.

Due to frequent power supply breakdowns in this locality, the populations have no other choice but to use water from Lake Tanganyika to cater for their different needs. As a consequence: Five deaths were reported in March out of a total of 148 newly registered cases just for the 13th week of the existence of the center in Uvira.

Uvira administrator, in the presence of his aids and head of MONUSCO/Uvira sections highlighted “The two vehicles should be used rationally.” Through this gesture which he terms as “verified and verifiable indicator", MONUSCO, he concluded, “has once again backed, reinforced and contributed to the restoration of State Authority, which shows a close collaboration between the territory and MONUSCO/Uvira.” The chief of MONUSCO/Uvira office placed the donation of the vehicles within the framework of MONUSCO’s support to the Congolese Government as part of its mandate.