DR Congo

Media Advisory: Expected end of Ebola outbreak

Kinshasa/Nairobi/Geneva, 23 July 2018 – Tomorrow (24 July) will mark 42 days since the last patient with Ebola was identified in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

If no other cases of the Ebola virus disease are identified, the DRC Ministry of Health will announce the official end of the outbreak on Wednesday 25 July.

This announcement will come as a huge relief to the people living in the affected region as well as local and international responders. However, even after this important milestone is passed, this Ebola outbreak is a reminder of the persistent vulnerabilities that remain in the DRC and in many other parts of the world where weak health infrastructure leaves communities vulnerable to deadly disease outbreaks.

Red Cross experts and responders are available to talk about this Ebola response, and to discuss the work that is still needed to prepare for and prevent future disease outbreaks.

Media contacts

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