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Mbandaka/Equateur: Caritas takes a step forward for the construction of 9 schools in Bomongo and Makanza alongside with PROSEB

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Mbandaka, 2 May 2014 (caritasdev.cd): A delegation of Caritas Congo Asbl, led by its Officer Infrastructure stays Mbandaka since last Wednesday, as part of Project Support to Basic Education (PROSEB). Friday, May 2, 2014, she took turns working sessions with the Provincial Directorate (PROVED) Education and the Provincial Commissioner in charge of Education Kindergarten,
Primary, Secondary, Technical and Professional.

This visit is part of the Project Support for the Basic Education (PROSEB) which Caritas Congo asbl is one of Local Execu tion Agencies . It was selected by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (EPSP), for the refurbishment / reconstruction of schools in educational Provinces of Equateur I and V and in kisai occidental.

Thus, for Province educational Ecuador I, 4 schools to rebuild Bomongo I (Primary School BOLONGWA, Musanga EP, EP and EP BONSANGA BONSAMBI) and 1 school (EP Lilanga) to Bomongo II. A Makanza must rebuild 4 other (EP Ekoma, MUPONDA EP,
EP and EP MBELEMBE LOMPONDA). "We came to install the Office Management Unit II of the project which is housed at the Ecclesiastical Province of Caritas Congo Mbandaka, on Maduwa avenue," said Engineer Alidor Bangu, Head of Infrastructure Carita s Congo Asbl.

This office will manage the construction of schools and Bomongo Makanza. It is composed of four key members, including a field coordinator (an engineer), an assistant field coordinator (an architect), a charge of accounting and administration

Procurement Assistant

The Mission carried out in the capital of the Province of Equateur also helped Caritas Congo Asbl to approach the partner who has signed the Convention with it, namely the Provincial Directorate of the EPSP (PROVED) for Equateur I, to define collaborative frameworks, and present civiltés the Provincial Commissioner of Education Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Technical and Vocational, said Engineer Alidor Bangu.

After the validation sites targeted schools, and obtaining the No Objection on the procurement file with the World Bank, the next step is to launch the national competitive bidding for Ecuador I like was done for the Provinces V and Ecuador Educational activities Kasai Occidental II.

Partners committed to the success of PROSEB

Different exchanges between Caritas Congo Asbl and authorities of the Province of Ecuador Educationnele I, there emerges a comm on desire to succeed : to execute the work rebuilding schools (nine schools and Bomongo Makanza ) , in time, with standards of construction approved by the Ministry of EP SP school infrastructure, while remaining within the provisions of the Convention th at binds them. Caritas Congo presented in outline its obligations under the PROSEB .

Thus, Ms. Provincial Director of Education have Brigitte Niapudre , who is also the Provincial Inspector Main (IPP) , has attra cted the attention of Caritas Congo Asbl the need to ensure compliance with both standards of material quality: "no plates that ooze the first rain or roof jumping the first win d. It is essential that children have good buildings in which they feel comfortable . " She also stressed the important role of the community must be made aware and interested in the success of the project

Moreover , speaking on behalf of the Provincial Commissioner of Education Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary , Technical and Voca tional his Chief of Staff expressed the wish to see this work move quickly in their operational phase. Mr Gilbert Mwamolandu lamented the case of some schools, certainly we ll built, but the banks are slow in coming .

Present at this meet ing, the Technical Advisor PROVED , Architect Roger Kaniki and Infr astructure Officer Caritas still recalle d the requirements of the procedures leading to the actual construction of schools : a call for tenders national, receiving tenders, analysis and the actual selection of the s uccessful bidder . All this takes time.

Anyway , all stakeholders have decided to combine efforts and to weld elbows to the success of the project. "We are very happy to be with Caritas . We trust in your expertise.
We, have the role of monitoring what you do to support your development in compliance with predefined standards, " said the PRO VED have

For its part, Caritas is committed to follow the work of the comp any will be selected; work chains therefore requires the colla boration of all parties.

During these two meetings, the Communication Officer of Caritas Congo Asbl also announced the execution of a Caritas project to improve access to 46,000 children and adolescents outside of scho ol education quality for four years and four provinces of the DRC. It is performed in 11 dioceses, i ncluding those of Budjala and Molegbe. This project, funded by Educate A Child Qatar, includes educating children and teachers, pay school fees and the provision of school objects. The educational authorities of Ecuador I have expressed their support for this project contributes to the achievement of the Interim Education Programme launched by t he Congolese Government.

Guy-Marin Kamandji (Special Envoy)