DR Congo

Letter dated 28 Jan 2000 from Perm. Rep. of DR Congo to the UN

On the instructions of my Government, I have the honour to inform you that massacres are currently taking place in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more specifically in the Blukwa district, situated in the area around lake Albert, to the south-east of the town of Djugu and to the north-east of the town of Bunia, in the eastern province, which is occupied by the Ugandan occupation forces.

These massacres which began more than three weeks ago, have been confirmed by the non-governmental organization Christian Blind Mission which, moreover, has publicized a film made by its members over a period of several weeks which shows, inter alia, horrific scenes in which women and children are systematically mutilated with machetes.

This new wave of genocide, which has already caused the death of over 7,000 innocent Congolese victims, is the direct consequence of the occupation of the eastern province by the regular forces of the Ugandan army, whose leaders, both political and military, have incited and exacerbated ethnic rivalry between the Lendu and Hima communities.

The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo urges the Security Council:

(a) To condemn unreservedly the violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law which Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi are continuing to commit in the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo;

(b) To conduct a thorough investigation in order to bring to justice all persons who committed or sponsored these massacres;

(c) To secure an immediate halt to the activities of all kinds which Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi are undertaking in the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and

(d) To adopt binding measures for the immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces so that peace and national harmony may once again prevail in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

My Government requests you to have this letter circulated as a Security Council document.


André Mwamba KAPANGA
Permanent Representative