Kabongo/Katanga : Caritas Kongolo advocates for victims of heavy rain onto the city of Kitenge and arson in Kashukulu

from Caritas
Published on 11 Feb 2013 View Original

Kongolo, February 11, 2013 (caritasdev.cd): 15 houses, one church, one health center, seven schools, including 4 of primary schools were affected by pouring rains that fell last Sunday, January 20th onto Kitenge city about 300 km of Kongolo in Kabongo Territory, District Lomamie of haut lomamie in Katanga.

In all, 10 houses totally collapsed within five partially, 120 people were affected by the rains in Kitenge .These affected families live in host households . They lost food stocks, some cooking utensils,clothing and bedding were damaged says Donatien Kyoni KUMWIMBA, Director of Caritas Kongolo Emergency and Social ,during a press release to caritasdev.cd.

Students in classrooms collapsed went to study in local churches and other under trees. Some studying in other schools not affected.The health center Anuarite lost its roof is and heavy rains have damaged medical equipment and non-medical as well as a large batch of drugs.

Angry students burned houses Kashukulu

On the other hand, Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013, the village of KASHUKULU, 15 km from Kitenge, was burned by a group of students claiming the death of their comrade, who died suddenly. They set fire to fifty houses while people were in the fields at this time of sowing for the second cropping season. Nothing was saved from the houses.

Here, 50 houses were burned, affecting 45 households, representing 315 people. Everything has been consumed: food, cooking utensils, clothing, bedding, household equipment, property values (bicycles, sewing machines ...). Affected families were entrenched in the fields where they live in huts. They live work in the field populations of villages, the statement of Caritas Kongolo.

Given this bleak picture, Caritas Kongolo recommend to the competent authorities, humanitarian actors (none of which is in the affected communities) and people of good will to support the rehabilitation of schools affected by the torrential rains, aid in non-food items to affected households within medical equipment and drugs at the Anuarite health center Anuarite.

Joining his voice to that of the Caritas Kongolo, the head of the administrative management in Kitenge, Katanga, advocated Monday, February 4, for the rehabilitation of schools destroyed by the torrential rains that fell within its jurisdiction the month January. It was the arrival of a delegation of Caritas Congo entity in the territory of Kabongo. "For now, students study in churches, or in other schools, where we organize two shifts, morning and afternoon," he told Radio Okapi.He claimed equipments, plates and cement to build sustainable schools . He expressed concern that the curriculum does not suffer from these problems.