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IPIS Weekly Briefing, 7 - 13 July 2016 [EN/FR]

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News in Brief

Last week, the United Nations has reiterated its call for political dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in order to prevent public discontent from escalating into violence and crisis. Indeed, the uncertainty surrounding Congo’s security situation has already adversely affected the investment climate in the mining sector.

On Thursday, July 7, North Kivu saw violent confrontations in Kikuku between Mai Mai NDC Renové rebels on the one hand, and a coalition of Nyatura, FDLR and APCLS elements on the other. Local inhabitants fled the area and at least four people were reported injured. The clashes continued several days, until the FARDC regained control of the situation on July 9. On July 10, the FARDC killed two men wearing UPDF uniforms in Kotongo, near the border with Uganda. In Nyanzale, Rutshuru territory, local sources reported that a large part of the inhabitants left their homes on July 11, due to violence between FARDC soldiers and Mai Mai NDC Renové rebels led by Guidon. The day after, the Congolese army strengthened its presence in the area and the population reportedly cautiously returned. In Wamba territory, Haut-Uele, eight people were kidnapped on July 7 by supposed poachers in Ongonga. An attack by Mai Mai rebels on July 9 in Mitwaba territory, Haut-Katanga, left five people dead.
Meanwhile in Ituri, alleged FRPI elements attacked Madibe 1 and 2 and abducted 17 people in the night of July 12.

On July 7, Human Rights Watch published a report in which it accused the SNR, Imbonerakure and Burundian police of having committed torture and other kinds of abuse against dozens of opposition supporters. This week, peace talks between the Burundian government and opposition resumed in Arusha, Tanzania. However, the government supposedly refused negotiation with political representatives and civil society members who it claims took part in a failed coup against President Nkurunziza. On Wednesday, July 13, two unidentified criminals murdered CNDD-FDD party member Hafsa Mossi close to her home in Bujumbura.

In Uganda, a UPDF soldier shot and killed two of his colleagues inside the military base at Masaka last Thursday. The next day, on July 8, unknown assailants attacked Bishop McAlister College in Sheema district. They killed three people and stole money from the bursar’s office. France announced this Wednesday that it would put an end to its Sangaris operation in the Central African Republic in the month of October. Meanwhile, the LRA seemingly augmented its activities in Haut-Mbomou. Last Thursday, the militia reportedly kidnapped a 17-year-old boy there.