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IPIS Weekly Briefing, 2-15 February 2017 [EN/FR]

News and Press Release
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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, clashes between security forces and Bundu Dia Mayala elements erupted in Kinshasa on February 13 and continued the next day. Reportedly, four people were killed and about 30 others injured. Again, many provinces saw attacks by armed groups over the past weeks. In North Kivu, Mai Mai elements attacked Kikuku on February 3, killing seven people and injuring five others. In South Kivu, armed bandits killed four people at Twangiza Mining sites in Mwenga territory on February 7, while in Bukavu, a mining operator was killed by unidentified assailants. On February 12, clashes between the FARDC and a coalition of Mai Mai in Tushunguti, Kalehe territory, resulted in the death of two people. In Walungu territory, confrontations between two Mai Mai groups reportedly caused about a dozen deaths. Meanwhile in Ituri, two military men were killed during an armed attack on February 4 in Ariwara, Aru territory. In Walendu Bindi, FRPI militiamen attacked a military station in Kaswara on February 14, killing two soldiers. Tangayika saw new confrontations between Bantu and Pygmy communities on February 5. Kasai Central experienced clashes between security forces and Bundu Dia Kongo (BDK) elements, which resulted in the death of 12 BDK members on February 3. In Tshimbulu, over 100 people reportedly died between February 9 and 13 during clashes between the Kamuina Nsapu militia and the FARDC.

Also in the Central African Republic many prefectures saw attacks by armed groups over the past weeks. In Ouham-Pendé, the recently formed 3R militia perpetrated attacks on Bocaranga between February 2 and 3, killing about a dozen people. In Ouham, unidentified armed men killed three people in an attack on Bowaï. In Ouaka, about 20 people died during clashes between ex-Seleka factions. It was reported that an FPRC-MPC coalition and a group of armed Chadians were headed for Bambari. One person was killed during an attack by unidentified armed men on Bera, Nana-Mambéré. Meanwhile in the capital Bangui, five people died during a confrontation between security forces and armed men allegedly supporting Youssouf Malinga.