DR Congo

Inter-Congolese Political Negotiations - The Final Act

We, participants at the Inter-Congolese Dialogue, ie delegates of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Congolese Rally for Democracy, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, the main organisations and parties of the political opposition as well as representatives of the forces vives of the Country, the Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation Movement, the Congolese Rally for Democracy-National and the Mai-Mai, hereinafter referred to as "the Parties", meeting at Sun City, Republic of South Africa, on 2 April 2003.
CONSIDERING our shared commitment to peace and national unity, as prerequisites for the development of our country and the well-being of our people;

CONVINCED of the imperative need to pursue the course of reconciliation as the surest path to a definitive end to the fratricidal conflicts that have for so long ravaged our country, and inflicted untold suffering on our people;

RESOLVED to work together towards the establishment of a new political dispensation that would protect the inalienable rights of the citizens and generally promote democratic governance;

DETERMINED to set up and run transitional institutions on the principles of consensual management, inclusiveness and transparency;

CONVINCED of the imperative need for this process to culminate in free, democratic and transparent elections;

RECALLING the LUSAKA Agreement for a ceasefire in the Democratic Republic of Congo, signed in Lusaka on 10 July, 30 July and 31 August 1999;

RECALLING the Declaration of Fundamental Principles signed in Lusaka on 4 May 2001, by the Parties to the aforementioned Agreement;

RECALLING the Act of Commitment signed in Gaborone on 24 August 2001 by the representatives of the components and entities to the Inter-Congolese Political Negotiations;

CONSIDERING the various relevant Resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council;

IN THE PRESENCE of representatives of the international community and Observers at the Inter-Congolese Dialogue;

DO HEREBY RESOLVE AND COMMIT OURSELVES, by signing the present Final Act, to be bound by the decisions of the Inter-Congolese Dialogue, as detailed in Article 1 below.


The Parties accept as binding the following instruments which faithfully reflect the outcome of the political negotiation process instituted in terms of the above-cited Lusaka Agreement:

1. The 36 Resolutions duly adopted by the Inter-Congolese Dialogue, as set down in the Schedule annexed to the present Final Act.

2. The Global and Inclusive Agreement signed in Pretoria on 17 December 2002, together with the Additional Memorandum on the Army and Security, signed in Pretoria on 6 March 2003.

3. The Constitution of the Transition adopted at Sun City on 1 April 2003.


The Parties commit themselves to refrain from any act or conduct contrary to the provisions of the Lusaka Agreement and of the instruments mentioned in Article 1 above, and to spare no effort in ensuring that the said provisions are respected and implemented in their letter and spirit.

In that regard, the Parties further commit themselves to the earliest possible installation of the Transitional Government and other institutions, as envisaged in the said Global and Inclusive Agreement.


The Parties express their deep appreciation for the persistent efforts of the international community in assisting in the return of peace and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They acknowledge the special contributions made by the UN, the AU and the SADC countries.

They salute Sir Ketumile Masire, the Neutral Facilitator of the Dialogue, for his wise guidance of the negotiations process, his devotion to the mission assigned to him and his tenacity of purpose.

They acknowledge, with gratitude and appreciation, the special contribution of His Excellency Mr Thabo Mbeki and the Government of the Republic of South Africa, as well as of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, His Excellency Mr Kofi Annan and his Special Envoy, His Excellency Mr Moustapha Niasse.


This Final Act shall enter into force on the date of signature by the Parties.

Signed in Sun City on 2 April 2003.

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