DR Congo

HEAL Africa Report on Internally Displaced Persons

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HEAL AFRICA’s mission is to preserve the dignity of all people and to improve the health of all communities. Within this framework, HEAL AFRICA’s emergency team carried out a mission to analyze the situation for people displaced by war in Mugunga and Don Bosco and to identify emergency needs there.

The general objective of our field visits is:

To analyze the general situation of internally displaced people in the Mugunga camp and in the Don Bosco transit site.

Specific objectives

For our site visits, our specific objectives are the following:

Identify the problems facing internally displaced people in the camps,

Identify the primary needs of internally displaced people,

Create a list of internally displaced people from camp Kanyaruchinya who are currently living in Mugunga I and III, Green Lake, and Don Bosco,

Collect information about their experiences in the camps after fleeing fighting in the city of Goma.

Geographic Situation

Don Bosco is situated north of the city of Goma in the Majengo district. It is a welcome center and school for orphans and street children run by the Catholic Church.

Mugunga is situated west of Goma on the Goma-Sake road, approximately 15 kilometers from the city center.