H2H Network: Services for humanitarian responders - Ebola response in DRC

from H2H network
Published on 10 Sep 2019

The H2H Network consists of around 50 organisations that provide specialist services to humanitarian responders. These services are available to all involved in a humanitarian response and address cross-cutting issues to help the overall response be more effective, of higher quality, and more efficient. The H2H Fund is a part of the network and was set up to fund network members providing specific services in emergency responses and protracted crisis.

In August, the network activated its fund for humanitarian service providers in support of the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The activation followed an extensive needs analysis from mid-July to early August after WHO declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The core team consulted with members and experts who have been involved with the crisis for over one year. A problem tree was developed and ultimately the fund was activated to affect change in two key areas: level of trust community members have in the response, and overall coordination, information management and sharing.

Then approved package of independent and high-quality services are now available to responders. Specific services and contacts can be seen on the H2H Network Service Matrix. The overall objective of the service package, which was determined after extensive review of needs, is to help the response reach and treat more people by helping to increase the level of trust community members have in the response and improving coordination, information management and sharing.

Please do share this information with others who may benefit from these services.

General questions on H2H Network services can be sent to the network core team at info@h2hworks.org. The H2H Network, which includes a funding mechanism for members, is supported by UK aid from the UK government.