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Great Lakes Region: Humanitarian Snapshot (July - August 2018)

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More than 18,600 refugees arrived in Uganda in July and August, the majority coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Inside DRC, there were reports of burned villages and attacks against civilians, including sexual violence, in North Kivu, particularly between the towns of Eringeti, Mbau and Kamango on the Uganda-DRC border. Following the repatriation of a further 5,800 Burundian refugees in July, Tanzania now hosts more than 340,000 refugees, including 250,000 from Burundi. This brings the number of Burundian refugees assisted to return from Tanzania to Burundi in 2018 to more than 27,100. Meanwhile, there were less than 200 new Burundian refugee arrivals in the region in July, citing insecurity, harassment, and fear, bringing the number of new arrivals from Burundi to the region in 2018 to just over 6,100. The number of internally displaced people in Burundi has reportedly decreased from more than 187,000 at the end of June to more than 159,100 at the end of August.

A new Ebola outbreak was declared on 31 July in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where millions of people were already in desperate need of life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection. As of the end of August, 120 confirmed and probable EVD cases had been reported, of which 90 were confirmed, resulting in 78 deaths (case fatality ratio 65 per cent). At the same time, the upward trend in cholera cases in the DRC continued, with 698 cases and 35 deaths reported between 13 and 19 August, compared to 537 cases the week before. More than 560 people have died of cholera in DRC to date in 2018 and more than 17,000 cases have been reported. The cholera outbreak in Tanzania also continued apace, recording around 800 cases in July and August, including 14 deaths. In Uganda, cholera cases were still active in the districts of Kampala, Mbale, Kween and Bulambuli at the end of August, while the outbreak in Hoima, Kyegegwa and Kagadi districts, associated with the influx of DRC refugees, had been contained.

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