DR Congo

Funds sent to buy bicycles and sewing machines for handicapped Congolese

News and Press Release
Originally published
Baptist World Aid has provided US$5,133.00 to the Union of Baptist Churches in Congo (UEBCO) to assist an association (ACHAP) formed by handicapped individuals to help support themselves. With the receipt of this money, another BWAid project funding goal was completed.

For many, surviving tribal conflicts and wars has meant living with physical handicaps. An Association was formed by a group of 25 handicapped individuals so that they could better support themselves. They earned their daily food by doing needlework, begging and selling calendars. The group is now growing with 75 members and they have expanded their activities to include the buying and selling of clothes, fuel, beans, soaps, etc.

UEBCO Development Officer, Pascal Ndihokubwimana, worked with the leadership of the group and it was determined that bicycles made especially for the handicapped that are able to carry up to 200kg would be purchased. The leadership of the group traveled to Goma to purchase the bicycles and visited the UEBCO office while they were there.

Sewing machines, one hand-operated and three pedal, were bought for use in their needlework business. The funds from BWAid also allowed the Association to rent a place for one year where they can house their activities, supplies and furniture needed for needlework.