DR Congo

FSD to deploy mine action emergency response teams in the DR Congo (DRC)

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At the request and with the support of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), the FSD has started to training and deploying two mine action emergency response teams in and around Bunia (province of Ituri).
FSD supervisors will start with the recruitment and training of 20 local deminers within the next three weeks. This will also provide job opportunities for ex-combattants and demobilized soldiers.

The project has been budgeted for an initial duration of 7 months encompassing the following phases:

Phase one: Deployment of International Team. One international supervisor has arrived in Kinshasa, two more supervisors will arrive before the end of November 2003.

Phase two: Recruitment and Equipment Mobilization. We have started the recruitment of national staff and also start setting up administrative, organizational and legal structure allowing for an integrated operation in the DRC. Simultaneously, FSD headquarters in Geneva will commence the process of mobilizing all vehicles and equipment required for the implementation of the program.

Phase three: Personnel Training. The team supervisors will commence a three-week basic operators course for all selected personnel. In addition the FSD medical coordinator will arrive to conduct advance trauma medical training for the team para-medics. On completion of the medical training the medical coordinator will remain for an additional week to prepare and organize a detailed medical plan.

Phase four: Operational Deployment. On completion of the training course the teams will be ready to commence operational deployment. This will be in accordance with a work plan prepared by the FSD Program Manager in coordination with UNMAS and the National Mine Action Authority.

For more information, contact:

Pascal Blasutto
FSD Supervisor in the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)