DR Congo

Food distribution in Congo (DRC) and Sierra Leone

DWW this year again has taken the opportunity to use Muslim religious festival Eid-ul Adha (sacrificing animals and distribute to poor as prophet Abraham's rituel) for food distribution in Congo (DRC) and Sierra Leone. Most of the donations were collected in Turkey by DWW-Turkey.

In total 5534 animals sacrificed in Congo(DRC) and 350 in Sierra Leone. Meat distributed first week of January over 35,000 families in Katanga, Kinshasa,Kasai Oriental, Kasai occidental, North Kivu, South Kivu, Kisangani, Matadi, Equateur, Bandundu, Maniema provinces in Congo (DRC) and Sierra Leone. DWW local partners RADEM and IIYL carried out the project. Congo (DRC) and Sierra Leone are among the poorest countries in the world.