DR Congo

D.R.Congo: Protection of Children in Armed Conflict (CAAC) Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Annual retreat, Kampala, 12 September 2017


How can we improve field-level coordination and advocacy?

✓ Strengthening evidence-based advocacy

• Prevention (e.g. Screening of armed forces)

• Advocacy for community-based programs (e.g. DDR and security sector reform in Ituri)

✓ Reconciling humanitarian and human rights agenda?

• Advocacy >< Principle of neutrality

• Advocacy >< do no harm (confidentiality)

  • Maximising use of various communication channels & fora

  • Encourage collective advocacy (Alliance)

✓ Optimizing CPiE and Development Programming and funding

✓ Mainstreaming/Joint programming:

• e.g. Integrated CP-Education-Mine Action cluster approach in Kasai and Eastern DRC.