DR Congo

DRC: Three-year strategy to tackle a relentless, protracted crisis

Aid agencies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have launched a groundbreaking Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) requesting $748 million to address the most critical needs of 6.7 millions people trapped in a 20-year crisis in 2017. However, the multi-year HRP aims to allow humanitarian partners to focus on preparedness and flexible, long-term funding. Therefore the plan targets close to 7 million people each year between now and 2019.

Last year’s appeal remained almost 40 per cent unfunded. But if aid is not delivered on time this year, 6 million people will struggle to access basic goods and services, including 2.2 million displaced people and their host communities. Some 1.5 million people will need protection services amid continuing human rights violations, and 6.7 million people across the country face threats from hunger and epidemics.

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