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DRC: NGO assists 2,000 families in Uvira

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NAIROBI , 27 February (IRIN) - A Christian NGO, Eben-Ezer Ministry International, has distributed on 35 mt of non-food items to 2,000 families in Uvira, South Kivu, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Netherlands United Protestant Church had assisted the NGO in delivering the emergency relief aid on Tuesday and Wednesday, the NGO reported.

Families in Kigongo, Uvira town and the Ruzizi plains received the items, which included clothing, blankets, kitchen tools, soap and hoes. However, Eben-Ezer said the aid was "just like a drop in the ocean".

"The incessant fighting in the region has left many families displaced or refugees in neighbouring countries and their property either looted or destroyed," it observed.

The NGO said many of the 2,500 people who received the assistance on the Ruzizi plains were returnees from displaced and refugee camps. "There are many urgent needs at the moment in the plains of Ruzizi for those who are returning," it said. "They need sheeting to cover their roofs, food and seeds."

Eben-Ezer said regions such as Minembwe, Fizi and other localities surrounding Uvira (Moyen Plateau) remained inaccessible due to fighting.

"However, different NGOs continue discussing with local authorities and armed groups controlling these areas to allow humanitarian assistance to reach the needy," it said.


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