DR Congo

DRC: Meeting with the US Ambassador at-large for war crimes

News and Press Release
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On November 12, 2009 Roger Mvita, AfriMAP coordinator in the DRC office of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), met with Ambassador Stephen Rapp, in charge of war crimes in the Obama Administration who was visiting the DRC to discuss support to the country's justice sector reform. The meeting discussed the Congolese justice system's capacity to prosecute war crimes and gender based crimes and other specific and related issues, including findings from the AfriMAP report on the Congolese military justice, the technical and financial support AfriMAP and OSISA provided to the Permanent Commission on Congolese Law Reform (CPRDC) for the drafting of two bills on military justice. Roger also discussed the outcomes of an OSISA-AfriMAP organized public meeting of 8-9 October 2009 at which Congolese participants felt the international community should focus its support on the ongoing comprehensive reform of the justice system rather than supporting piece meal reforms such as mixed chambers.