DRC Factsheet Cholera Outbreak October 2016

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 28 Oct 2016 View Original

Highlights and Situation Overview

  • Between January and October 2016, a total of 22,002 cases of cholera with 646 deaths were reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Compared to the same period in 2015, 12,269 cases of cholera with 192 deaths were reported.

  • 8,838 cases and 476 cholera-related deaths (fatality rate 2%) were reported in the 8 epidemical provinces of the Congo river basin (Nord Ubangui, Sud Ubangui, Équateur, Tshopo, Mongala, Maniema, Mai-Ndombe et Kinshasa) where 660,000 people are currently at risk of cholera, including 316,800 children aged 0-14 years old.

  • In the Central African Republic, the transmission of the epidemic, declared on August 10th, has slowed down. 13 cases were confirmed to have originated in the DRC. A cholera alert has been ongoing since September 11, 2016 by the sanitation authority of the Republic of Congo: 16 cases of cholera and 3 deaths were found on Mbamou Island, Brazzaville.

  • The response coming from the Congo River is hindered by limited access, the absence of a surveillance system and appropriate security, a lack of community resilience, and limited local knowledge on subjects of prevention and intervention.

  • The epidemic is already present in Kinshasa, the densely populated capital of the DRC, situated along the Congo River. With its sanitary installations, rudimentary water supply, and arrival of cases onboard boats, the epidemic could rapidly propagate itself and put millions in danger.

  • A multisectoral strategy launched in WASH/Health/ Communication was elaborated upon by the Clusters WASH and Health. What remains is the need to identify a specific approach to address the transmission problems and response in islets, fishing camps, boats, and ports.

Situation in numbers

22,002 # of cases of cholera in DRC (DRC Ministry of Health, January-October 2016, week 39)

646 # cholera-related deaths in DRC (DRC Ministry of Health, week 39)

8,838 # of cases of cholera in six provinces along the Congo River (DRC Ministry of Health, week 39)

660,000 # of people in need of assistance for the next 6 months in ten provinces along the Congo River watershed (WASH and Health Cluster, September 2016)

316,800 # Children at risk of epidemic [in the ten provinces along the Congo River]

US$ 14 million UNICEF Appeal 2016