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DRC eastern province: Women march against violence

About 1000 women marched quietly in the streets of Buta, over 300 km. north of Kisangani, to protest against the violence perpetrated Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in the Eastern Province and against the delays with which authorities have intervened to resolve the humanitarian issues and the growing insecurity in the region. Radio Okapi said that "over 1000 women were marching in the streets, without chanting slogans, holding their hands in the air to denounce the LRA's violence in the Eastern Province". The march, which ended with a sit-in during which the women read a document asking the government to deploy armed forces in the region, was organized by various women's groups and by the civil society Lower Uele, an are that has suffered intense LRA attacks. In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the rebels killed four people in Aba; the police also said there was violence in the nearby villages of Koloko, Nyari, Rudu, Asidi, Kangara and Ramadala [AB]