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DR Congo's national army takes control of Enyele insurgents'

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KINSHASA, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The national army of the Democratic Republic of Congo has taken control of a stronghold from Enyles insurgents, who are held responsible for the recent bloodshed in the northwestern region of Dongo.

The army known as FARDC drove the insurgents out of the stronghold after a fighting of 10 hours, Minister of Communication and Media and government spokesman Lambert Mende Omalanga told reporters in the capital Kinshasa on Monday.

The minister justified the assault launched by the FARDC, saying the Enyele fighters failed to lay down their arms as demanded by the ultimatum given by the government. Instead, they "attacked from distant places and the regular police reacted to the provocation," he added.

Mende pointed out that the insurgents were no longer in Equateur province with some fugitives on the run towards neighboring localities and others to the Impfondo region in the Republic of Congo.

According to the UN sources based at Gemena, the main town of the South-Ubangi district in the province, more than 150 combatants perished in this operation, one FARDC military officer lost his life and 13 others were injured and taken to the Gemena general hospital.

The FARDC launched the anti-insurgent operation with logistical support from the UN peacekeeping mission in DR Congo.

The rebel movement was created on Nov. 8 in Dongo after the Enyele tribe clashed with the Boba tribe over the control of local fishing grounds.

The government last announced a toll of 187 civilians, 82 insurgents and 28 police officers. Several houses and fields have been torched in the confrontation, which has also displaced thousands of people who are taking shelter either domestically or in Impfondo of the Republic of Congo.

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