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DR Congo: Volcanic eruption in Goma - Situation Report No. 5, as of 30 May 2021



• Local authorities and humanitarian organizations responding to assist the displaced

• EU allocates €2 million in emergency humanitarian funding for victims of DRC volcano eruption


Following the 28 May Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine TSHISEKEDI TSHILOMBO, asked the Government to redouble its efforts to improve humanitarian response and to create a substantial public service for civil protection and disaster prevention. He also instructed the Minister of Hydrocarbons to do everything possible to clear the gas from Lake Kivu and the Gulf of Kabuno. The hypothesis of a new eruption, on land or under the lake, has not been totally ruled out.

A team of volcanology experts came to assess the situation and placed a camera in the crater to allow for proper monitoring of the volcano's evolution. Another team of volcanological experts is expected on June 3 to continue to study the evolution of the volcano and strengthen the monitoring measures and cooperation between the OVG and these experts. It is possible that the frequency of seismic movements decrease more and more.
Activities in Goma have slowed considerably since 24 May. Supply problems and the associated price increases have had far-reaching repercussions, as Goma is one of the major supply hubs for localities in the area. In Sake, while on 26 May it was possible to buy 12 kg of cornmeal on the local market for 10,000 FC francs, on 28 May it was only possible to buy 8 kg. In Rutshuru center, the price of a measure of maize almost doubled (from 800 to 1,500 FC) between 26 May and 28 May. This trend was likely exacerbated in the main areas hosting displaced populations (notably Minova and Sake), due to the increased demand.


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