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DR Congo: Volcanic eruption in Goma - Situation Report No. 11, as of 04 June 2021


This report is produced by OCHA DRC in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period of June 04, 2021 (4pm Goma time).


  • 80,000 displaced people in North and South Kivu received food from WFP and World Vision International

  • 2 new community sheds in Minova installed by AIDES, with the support of UNHCR

  • 60 humanitarian actors involved in emergency response trained by the PSEA network


On Friday 04 June, the Goma Volcano Observatory (OVG) reported that it continues to note a steady decrease in the number, as well as the magnitude of tremors, most of which are no longer felt in the city of Goma. Movements of people going back to Goma continue to intensify on several axes, despite the fact that the North Kivu provincial authorities have not given the order for people to return to the neighborhoods located in the "red zone”.

According to the REACH Rapid Overview, some displaced people in Rwanda were unable to cross the border into the DRC due to lack of identity documents or authorization from border authorities. In the city of Goma, several people continued to report burglaries in some neighborhoods of the city and asked authorities to increase night patrols.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as lead agency for the shelter cluster, has begun assessing and mapping shelter needs in Goma in anticipation of the expected return of people. More than 4,000 families have lost their homes and at least 1,000 houses need to be repaired.

As of 04 June, the World Food Programme (WFP) and World Vision International reported that they had provided food to 80,000 IDPs in North and South Kivu.


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