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DR Congo: OCHA North Kivu Humanitarian Situation Report - 30 Nov 2007

The security situation has remained unchanged for the past days. The Congolese Government announced last week that peaceful solutions had all been exhausted and that it would now resort to force, but no major incident triggered a massive confrontation yet between all parties in conflict. For humanitarian organisations, access to vulnerable populations remains very difficult to parts of Masisi district while in Rutshuru the volatile situation forces organisations to take all precautionary measures when moving. Humanitarian assistance is underway in most places where IDPs have gathered but transportation of large quantities of food of non-food assistance is becoming impossible in parts of Masisi where road conditions deteriorated.


A "tripartite plus" conference will be held in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) next week to discuss regional security issues in the Great Lakes region such as the presence of FDLR (ex-Interhamwe) in DRC. Presidents of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC are expected to attend the conference and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has also announced that she will attend.

A peaceful demonstration was organised in Goma on 29th November in support to Governor of North Kivu Julien Paluku. On 28th November the provincial Legislative Assembly introduced a vote of non-confidence against the Governor on alleged misuse of public money.


According to local sources, around 450 new displaced families arrived in Burungu, between Kirolirwe and Kitchanga. OCHA humanitarian antenna witnessed the presence of new IDPs in this locality, but the exact figure has not been confirmed yet by humanitarian sources.

According to local NGOs, around 1,300 new displaced families arrived in Vitshumbi, north Rutshuru on Lake Edward. Violence in this area appears to be linked to the control of fishing resources.


WFP/Caritas completed food distributions to 15,863 IDPs in Mugunga II site and to 8,642 IDPs in Buhimba site.

INGO International Medical Corps received 3,620 IDPs for medical consultation in of its health facilities around Goma. Moreover, 1984 malnourished children are being treated in one of its feeding centres.

INGO Caritas completed registration of 3,328 displaced families in Kibumba site, 20 km north of Goma. INGO Solidarités increased its water supply by setting up a water bladder to provide up to 40 cubic meters of water daily; and built 30 latrines. IDPs in Kibumba received plastic sheeting early November from the Government of DRC and distribution of additional non-food items is planned by Caritas in the next days.

UNICEF launched today a vaccination campaign against measles targeting 2,645 children in Nzulo (Masisi).

WHO will dispatch on Monday a specialist on Ebola epidemics in North Kivu to monitor risk of cross border propagation. 61 cases of Ebola, with 16 deaths, have been reported in Western Uganda close to the border with DRC.

UNHCR together with INGO partner Saving Lives through Alternative Options (SLAO) will start on 1st December to transfer IDPs from community sites in Rutshuru town to Dumez IDP site. UNHCR and SLAO plan to transfer 10,000 IDPs to the new site managed and coordinated by both humanitarian organisations.


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