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DR Congo: MONUC logistical support for FARDC actions against LRA in Dungu

The UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been providing logistical support for the Congolese Army, the FARDC, in its operations against the Lords Resistance Army in the north east of the country.

MONUC Engineers from Uruguay and Indonesia have been building a helipad and a runway large enough to take airplanes capable of moving heavy machinery at Dungu.

Two thousand soldiers from the Republican Guard and the 11th Batallion of the Congolese Army have been deployed to the area by air thanks to the new facilities.

The FARDC has two new bases close to Dungu, while MONUC has one in the town. A Morroccan batallion is stationed there.

A two thousand metre runway capable of handing landings by C-130 and Antonov aircraft has been built. In addition, roads in the area have been improved and a bridge has been repaired.

At least three FARDC soldiers hurt following operations against the LRA have been flown for treatment to MONUC hospital facilities in Bunia.

MONUC is also providing dry rations and three and a half litres of water per soldier per day for the FARDC forces in Dungu.