DR Congo

DR Congo: Measles outbreak in northern Katanga

News and Press Release
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There is measles outbreak in Malemba-Nkulu territory in northern Katanga region in Congo(DRC). It is affecting more than ten villages.Around 3500 cases recorded in last couple of weeks and more than 150 children died so far.

Doctors Worldwide (DWW) has set up 4 emergency medical teams to send the area. . Transport is very difficult particularly after heavy rains in recent weeks. We are co-coordinating help with WHO, OCHA and local government. Following actions have been taken;

4 kits of medical supplies boughtand will be sent by 4 teams in 4villages, and expect tocover at least 800 children for one month, that is about 200 children per team. All sick children will be treated free of charge.

DWW will distribute 6 bicycles in different villages, this will help nurses to collect vaccines from Malemba city and organize immunization campaign up to 95 km fare from Malemba.

WHO will provide transport of medicines by special flight (AIR SERV), and the departure is planned for Saturday (02 June 2007)

The Government, through the Medical officer of the district, will provide a 4 X 4 pick up from Kamina to Malemba-Nkulu, and DWW will provide diesel. This vehicle has started to bring vaccines from EPI Kamina office since tomorrow and will join Malemba during weekend to work together with DWW delegation. All teams will use the existing publicfacilities or private houses as local contribution from local community.

DWW is planning to set up a social mobilization and health promotion campaign toencourage parents to use the treatment centres which will be located separately at :

- Muko-Mutombo (in Malemba city close to the DWW/RADEM maternity building)

- Lubinda village, at 65 km from Malemba city, in Ngoy-mani area, at 6 km from Kimbalama village whereDWWis building a second maternity.

- Kabumbulu village, at 50 km from Malemba city on the Congo river

- Lwamba village, at 75 km from Malemba city.

The Coordinating team will be lead by Mr. TCHOZ KABWIT and will be assisted by Dr Clement LUBAMBULA . The remaining staff (1 physician and 2 nurses and 1 social worker per site) will be on the field.