DR Congo: Burundi Refugee Assistance SitRep #14, 19 August 2015

from World Food Programme
Published on 19 Aug 2015


  • Because of ongoing political unrest in Burundi, thousands are fleeing into neighbouring countries.

  • As of 17 August 14,721 Burundian refugees have been registered in DRC whereby the majority are situated in South Kivu. Approximately 680 are in Katanga province, and just over 230 are in Maniema province.

Situation Update

  • Close to 7,332 refugees are residing in the Lusenda camp and 6,155 are living with host families. Around 850 are in transit centres and other temporary sites.

  • As the capacity of Lusenda camp is full, refugees are no longer being transferred.

  • Biometric registration shows that out of 13,252 refugees in South Kivu 53% are female/girls and 47% are male/boys. Out of the total 65% are children and 50% are under 12 years old.