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Democratic Republic of the Congo UNHCR Operational Update, April 2022



  • 149 Rwandan refugees were repatriated in safety and dignity to their country of origin from North and South Kivu Provinces.

  • 441 displaced and host households received core relief items, shelter kits and food assistance in Rutshuru, North Kivu Province

  • 108 households affected by the floods of Lake Tanganyika received material kits and cash to reconstruct their own shelters in South Kivu Province.

  • UNHCR partner World Vision distributed water and sanitation kits to 5,250 CAR refugees in Nzakara, Sidi and Wenze development hubs, North and South Ubangi.

Context & Security

The security situation in several parts of the country did not improve during the month of April, with the eastern Provinces of the DRC continuing to face intercommunal conflicts and armed group confrontations. Killings, kidnappings and house burnings continued in the territories of Irumu, Djugu, and Mambasa (Ituri Province) by armed groups, in spite of ongoing military operations. In North Kivu Province, the activities of an armed group claiming to be M-23 have caused the displacement of an estimated 55,000 people with approximately 19,000 who have crossed into Uganda. The movement of military forces to Rutshuru created opportunities for armed groups to intensify attacks again civilians in the west of Masisi and the north of Walikale territories. Attacks alleged to rebel groups continued in April with at least 22 incursions and the killing of over 45 civilians. In South Kivu Province, increased tensions led to violence against members of the different ethnic communities and serious human rights violations (kidnappings, violent attacks, gender-based violence and in some cases killings of civilians).