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Democratic Republic of the Congo UNHCR Operational Update, 1 - 31 January 2019

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Armed clashes in South Sudan forced hundreds of South Sudanese people to seek refuge in border areas in Ituri Province, DRC. UNHCR will support the registration of refugees and their possible relocation.

Seven primary schools were rehabilitated in Kasai Province, benefitting over 3,000 children.
Voluntary Repatriation of Rwandan refugees resumed with 94 repatriations from North and South Kivu Provinces.

■ Individual plots of land were allocated to 470 Burundian refugee households (out of a total of 522) who had been relocated to Mulongwe settlement, South Kivu Province, in August and September 2018. 100 households have already started to build shelters on these parcels, while 58 shelters were finalized this month.

■ 35,434 refugees at Lusenda camp and Mulongwe settlement (both in Fizi Territory, South Kivu province) received biomass briquettes, totaling 93 tons distributed. Biomass briquettes are produced by refugees and locals, and provide an alternative and environmentally-friendly solution for cooking.

■ In Lusenda camp, 2,881 kitchen sets were distributed to Burundian refugee households (8,789 people), or 71% of the total planned. Distributions will continue depending on the availability of non-food items (NFIs), in order to cover all eligible refugees relocated to Lusenda in 2015.

■ UNHCR distributed food to 420 Burundian asylum-seekers who were awaiting confirmation of their refugee status and transfer to Mulongwe settlement.

■ 753 school kits were distributed to students in Mulongwe settlement. Miscellaneous schooling expenses were paid for 500 primary school students and 1,390 secondary school students.

■ UNHCR’s partner Action Aid finalized the construction of two kindergartens at Mulongwe settlement and in Lusenda camp, to reinforce the capacity of existing structures which will be able to host up to 200 children each.

■ UNHCR and its partner Association pour le Développement Economique et Social (ADES) installed seven manual water pumps at Mulongwe settlement, while 58 latrine pits were constructed by refugees who had received latrine construction kits.