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Democratic Republic of the Congo UNHCR Operational Update, 1 - 28 February 2019

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In early February, clashes in South Sudan led to a new influx of refugees into DRC, particularly in the Kakwa and Kaliko chiefdoms in Aru Territory, Ituri Province.
Arrivals of Central African refugees slowed down compared to January. In February, 30 crossed into Ndu, Bas Uele Province, in addition to 235 who crossed in January.
UNHCR’s cash assistance for IDPs, returnees and refugees in DRC grew considerably in 2018, with USD 3.4 million spent. This is a 261% increase from 2017 and an 882% increase from 2016.

■ UNHCR’s partner ActionAid distributed 333 school kits to primary and secondary school students at Mulongwe settlement, South Kivu Province.

■ Two football fields, two basketball fields and a dancing area were finalised in Lusenda camp and Mulongwe settlement to benefit both Burundian refugees and local youth as part of UNHCR’s Sports for Protection project, funded by the International Olympic Committee.

■ UNHCR’s partner AIDES began enrolling into a health insurance scheme the entire Burundian registered urban refugee population located in Bukavu comprised of 270 individuals. The insurance will cover most of their medical expenses throughout 2019.

■ UNHCR’s partner AIRD provided construction materials for 104 households to build individual shelters at Mulongwe settlement. The families were living in communal dormitories, in need of better housing conditions.

■ UNHCR and partner ADES provided 106 households with latrine and shower construction kits at Mulongwe settlement, while partner AFPDE completed the construction of 11 latrine blocks in Lusenda camp.

■ In February 3,444 medical consultations were recorded in Lusenda camp and Mulongwe settlement. 561 children were vaccinated, 491 women received antenatal care and 63 births were registered.

■ UNHCR conducted three monitoring visits to detained Burundian refugees in South Kivu. Among the 23 detainees at Uvira Central Prison, three were released thanks to the intervention of a law firm working in partnership with UNHCR.

■ Seven awareness raising workshops on Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) were organized by UNHCR-supported SGBV committees in Lusenda camp and Mulongwe settlement. 911 participants took part; 202 men, 252 women, 248 girls and 209 boys.

■ The Monge-Monge Transit Center for Burundian asylum-seekers was renovated in early February, with a reinforced perimeter wall for enhanced security. Due to bad weather, some parts of the compound and some community hangars had been damaged, exposing asylum-seekers to insecurity and protection risks.