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Democratic Republic of the Congo UNHCR Mid-Month Update (1 - 15 October 2018)

Situation Report
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This document provides a mid-month update on major evolutions occurring between the publication of UNHCR’s monthly operational reports. This is not an operational report.


  • Following the expulsion of Congolese citizens from Angola, the National Refugee Commission identified 122 refugees, registered in Angola, among the expelled. Their refugee status was confirmed by UNHCR Angola, while 5 other cases were not confirmed. UNHCR and partners War Child and CNR are closely monitoring the protection situation by reporting incidents, conducting referrals, and pursuing their cash for protection programme in the region.

  • UNHCR published a mid-year update of the Regional Refugee Response Plans (RRRP) for the South Sudanese situation and the Burundian situation. For the South Sudanese situation, the DRC’s specific response and an infographics version are also available, as well as for the Burundian situation (click here for DRC’s specific response, and here for the infographics version.

  • In collaboration with IOM, UNHCR resettled an extremely vulnerable Central African refugee family to Norway. This was the second Central African refugee family to be resettled from the DRC.

  • On 1 October, UNHCR started the physical verification of all Burundian refugees living outside of camps in South Kivu Province. This will allow UNHCR to update numbers of refugees and deliver ID cards.

  • At Mulongwe settlement, UNHCR’s partner AFPDE increased access to water for Burundian refugees to 20L/person/day, the humanitarian standard, thanks to the connection of three new water sources to the settlement’s water system.

  • The funding gap for the Burundian situation in the DRC persisted, depleting essential medication stocks and leading to more frequent referrals to secondary health structures.

  • On 12 October, UNHCR and partners started a mission to verify the numbers and the situation of an estimated 12,500 South Sudanese refugees remaining in border areas in Dungu Territory, Haut-Uele province.

  • 18,138 individual ID cards were distributed to Central African refugees in 4 camps in Nord and Sud-Ubangi Provinces, from August to date. ID cards allow refugees to move freely in the DRC.