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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Security Media Trends - Bulletin 6, June 2020

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This week: Threats and misinformation targeting international humanitarian organisations continue unabated, at times compounded by allegations circulating in Europe.

Misinformation and threats targeting international humanitarian organisations:
Speech in Italian parliament targeting Bill Gates and WHO finds traction in African social media.

• On 14 May, Italian deputy Sara Cunia alleged that vaccines funded by Bill Gates, the “primary financier of the WHO”, have resulted in the “sterilisation of millions of African women” as part of Gates’ plan to decrease the world’s population.
These allegations by a European member of parliament found resonance on African social media in Angola and the DRC, where misinformation targeting the WHO and Bill Gates - often construed as the face of humanitarianism - features on a regular basis. Such rumours are bound to reinforce existing community resistance to local vaccination campaigns