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Democratic Republic of Congo: Population Movement Emergency appeal n° MDRCD013

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This Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 1,122,910 in cash, kind, or services to support the Democratic Republic of Congo Red Cross (DRC RC) assist an estimated 15,000 direct beneficiaries (3,000 households) arising from the influx of refugees from the Central African Republic for 6 months, and will be completed by the end of September, 2013. A CHF 150,000 start up loan has been allocated from the IFRC Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to enable this operation to begin immediately. A Final Report will be made available by end of December, 2013 (three months after the completion of the planned operation).


This Emergency Appeal seeks to address the priority needs of the most vulnerable segments of the 21,352 Central African Republic (CAR) refugees and their host communities. This displaced population has been forced to migrate due to the ongoing conflict in CAR, between rebel and government forces which culminated in an overthrow of CAR government on 24 March, 2013. Assistance will include life and dignity-sustaining interventions in Emergency Shelter and the re-establishment of family links (RFL) to pre-identified pockets of refugee populations; while emergency water and sanitation and communitybased health services will assist both the refugees and their host communities along the Ubangi River. The pre-identified individuals will be those persons who have been registered by the national migration authority (DGM) and UNHCR as having refugee status.

In addition to the assistance along Ubangi River, the Red Cross intends to offer RFL services within the planned UNHCR managed camp in Inke and to continue to offer this service in the UNHCR managed camp in Worobe. Other in-camp support services are currently being covered by UNHCR in-country partner organizations.