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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Monthly Statistics of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (as of 31 October 2021)

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Situation Overview

During this period, the refugee population in the DRC increased slightly from 515,324 on 9/31/2021 to 515,396 on 10/31/2021, an increase of 72 people. The increase in the number of refugees during the month of October of 1,308 people can be explained by the registration of new arrivals: South Sudanese (119); birth registration: Burundians (83), South Sudanese (1), Central Africans (203), and regularizations: South Sudanese (458), Central Africans (402), other nationalities (40). The decrease in the number of refugees during the month of October of 3,050 is due to repatriation: Burundians (229), Rwandans (152), Central Africans (768) and regularizations: Rwandans (789) and Burundians (1,112).
As of October 31, the number of asylum seekers in the DRC is 15,957 including 15,287 people registered during the Central African emergency and 670 other cases of various nationalities awaiting their Refugee Status Determination (RSD), especially in urban areas ( Goma (134), Bukavu (1), Lubumbashi (226), Kalemie (71) Kinshasa (187)) and other localities (51).