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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Monthly Statistics of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (as of 30 June 2021)

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Situation Overview

During this period, the refugee population in the DRC has significantly decreased from 520,962 on 05/31/2021 to 519,819 on 06/30/2021, a decrease of 1,143 people representing 0.2%. The increase in the number of refugees during the month is explained by 34 births registered in the South Sudanese refugee population and 536 cases of regularizations/activations in the Burundian (534) and Rwandan (2). The decrease in the number of refugees during the month is explained by 2 deaths recorded in the population of urban refugees in Kinshasa, repatriation of 1,035 Burundian refugees to their country of origin and cases of inactivations of 958 Central African refugees and 30 South Sudanese refugees absent from verification and / or distributions.

As of June 30, the number of asylum seekers in the DRC fell from 15,207 people to 16,600 including 15,287 people newly registered in the province of North Ubangi, 535 in the province of South Kivu awaiting validation of their refugee status "prima facie" by the eligibility commission and 778 former cases of various nationalities awaiting their Refugee Status Determination (RSD) in urban areas (Goma (208), Bukavu (1), Lubumbashi (281), Kalemie (52) Kinshasa (191)) and others (45).