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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Inter-Agency RRP for the Central African refugees in the DRC (March - december 2021)

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Situation Overview

A resurgence of violence in the southern Central African Republic in December 2020, led to refugee outflows into the northern provinces of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The outflows were an addition to the CAR refugees already residing in North Ubangi, South Ubangi and Bas-Uele provinces, that had arrived in 2013 and 2017. This document presents the inter-agency response to the renewed and heightened humanitarian challenge posed by those outflows. Response activities and interventions in the refugee hosting areas (that are impacted by the refugee crisis) will target, not only the new arrivals from Central African Republic, but also the local populations with the aim to provide assistance to some 192,000 individuals, thus ensuring access for all to better quality services while promoting developpement and building social cohesion.