Democratic Republic of the Congo: Humanitarian snapshot (June 2013)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 17 Jun 2013 View Original


More than 2,6 millions people are displaced within the DRC since January 2009. From Province Orientale to Katanga, entire families are uprooted by a long multi-faceted conflict that has recorded in the past 12 months serious deteriorations in North Kivu and Katanga.

Key figures

6,4 millions people in need of food and agriculture assistance (June 2013)
2,6 millions people (31 March 2013, this figure does not include newly displaced people)
174 620 newly displaced people (March - April 2013)
1,4 millions returned IDPs (31 March 2013)
42,663 refugees from CAR (29 May 2013)
127 000 volontary returns from Angola (April - June 2013)
15 500 people expelled from l’Angola (Jan - April 2013)
106 security incidents against humanitarians (Jan - April 2013)
63 security incidents due to LRA activities (Jan - April 2013)

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