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Democratic Republic of the Congo Humanitarian Report January - March 2015

Situation Report
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  • North Kivu—Sukola 2: After a joint FARDC-MONUSCO operation against FDLR in five territories was announced to start in January, some preventive displacements were observed. By the end February, the FARDC had begun targeted and unilateral operations (without MONUSCO) against the FDLR in Rutshuru and Masisi territories. Preventative displacement continues.

  • Equateur—CAR Refugee Crisis: Since November 2014, there has been a new influx of refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) into Bosobolo territory. UNHCR and local authorities have estimated the new arrivals at more than 19,000 refugees, adding to the 88,000 CAR refugees already living in the DRC. UNICEF and partners have started responding, but there are significant funding gaps to expand assistance.

  • Katanga: The conflict between Balubakat and Batwa has escalated, with violent attacks registered since the end of December, particularly in Manono and Nyunzu territories. The attacks have caused the displacement of over 7,800 households towards Nyunzu, Nyemba and Lwizi. The humanitarian community has started to mobilize a response to assist these IDPs in April 2015, particularly through the RRMP (NFI fairs; WASH), WFP (food distribution),
    IRC (health/ECHO funds).

  • Orientale—South Irumu: Insecurity due to FRPI militia activities continues.
    Over 80,000 inhabitants of the Walendu Bindi zone are still displaced.
    New waves of displaced people were registered in the Geti-Aveba area and its surroundings following clashes between FRPI and FARDC in mid-January after the FRPI militia demobilization process failed. Response has started.

  • Kinshasa: The week of 20 January saw violent responses by security forces in Kinshasa, Goma and other cities in response to demonstrations linked to parliamentary voting on the electoral calendar.