Democratic Republic of the Congo - Emergency update on the Burundian refugee situation in South Kivu (1 - 30 April 2017)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Apr 2017 View Original


(as of 30 April 2017)
Burundian refugees registered in DRC (new caseload of 2015-2017)

(as of 30 April 2017)
Burundian refugees biometrically registered in South Kivu (new caseload of 2015-2017)

(as of 30 April 2017)
Refugees living in Lusenda refugee camp

Refugees received food vouchers to purchase the food of their choice.


USD 18.7 M
Requested for the operation



  • Set up new sites to accommodate the incoming influx of refugees.

  • Promote and implement peaceful coexistence activities between refugee and hosting communities.

  • Provide adequate protection and assistance to people with specific needs.


  • During the reporting period, 1,236 Burundian refugees were registered with biometrics. This included cases of regularization (registration of newborns or family reunifications), while others were newly registered.

  • Despite efforts made to admit new arrivals in the already overcrowded transit structures, 1,235 asylum seekers were staying near transit centers waiting to be admitted, as of 30 April 2017. They had access to some basic assistance (drinking water, emergency medical care, access to toilets inside the TC/GP) but were living under extremely difficult conditions, often without any shelter.

  • New arrivals were screened by the National Commission for Refugees (CNR) and other Government services in order to detect cases of fraud and identify vulnerable cases. Priority in admission was given to women and children.

  • During the month, 717 Burundian refugees were relocated to Lusenda camp. Individual shelters werenot available for all of them and common dormitories were set up for temporary accommodation.

  • Local population and authorities expressed concerns about the high number of people staying outside of the transit centres, as well as the lengthy waits before being transferred to Lusenda, as this can have serious consequences concerning health and security. Only the opening of a new refugee site will help to resolve the situation.

  • UNHCR lacks resources for setting up a new site for Burundian refugees near Baraka (Fizi Territory, South Kivu Province) and is appealing for funds.