Democratic Republic of the Congo - Emergency update on the Burundian refugee situation in South Kivu (March 2017)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Mar 2017 View Original


  • Refugee continued to arrive from Burundi. During the period under review, 520 asylum seekers crossed into DRC in the territories of Uvira and Fizi (South Kivu province) according to headcount in the vicinity of transit centers.

  • During the reporting period, 338 Burudian refugees were registered with biometrics. Subsequently, registration had to be suspended because transit structures where refugees are registered and assisted before transfer to the camp were overcrowded, and no more new arrivals could be admitted in.

  • As of end of March, 1,496 Burundian refugees were in transit centers while around 1,990 individuals stayed outside and some 400 found shelter in a church in Katogota (Ruzizi plain – Uvira territory). Most of them were women, children and older people.

  • As of 31 March 2017, Lusenda camp hosted 27,276 people, although it was beyond its hosting capacity. The last relocation of 219 refugees took place on the 2nd of March and no further relocation was possible. 883 people were hosted in hangars at the camp, as there was no more space to construct new individual shelters.

  • An evaluation of the 23,203 seedlings planted since 2015 in Lusenda camp assessed that 64% of them were growing well, thanks to sensitization sessions.

  • During the period under review, 8 cases of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) were identified and referred to adequate structures for medical care and psycho-social care. Two of these cases are rape on minors occurred outside hosting structures (one in the country of origin and the other in hosting community).