Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ebola Situation Report - 20 June 2018

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 20 Jun 2018


• As of the 18th of June, the UNICEF Principal Adviser on Health Epidemic assumed the role of the UN coordinator for the Ebola response in Mbandaka for 3 weeks.

• As of the 20th of June, a total 38 confirmed and 14 probable cases were reported in the three affected health zones of Wangata (Mbandaka), Bikoro and Itipo of the Equateur province.

• The epidemiological situation in the affected health zones, however, remains stable with no new confirmed case reported in three affected health zones. The last confirmed case was reported on the 6th of June.

• As of the 20th of June, a total of 3,139 persons have been vaccinated in the three affected health zones.

Situation in Numbers

  • 61 total reported cases (MoH, 20 June 2018)

  • 38 confirmed cases (MoH, 20 June 2018)

  • 28 deaths recorded (MoH, 20 June 2018)

  • 179 contacts under surveillance (MoH,20 June 2018)

- UNICEF Ebola Response Appeal US$ 11.5M

Humanitarian leadership and coordination

The Crisis Management Team at national and provincial levels (CNC – Comite Nationale de Coordination and CPC-Comite Provincial de Coordination) continued to meet daily under the leadership of the Ministry of Health with all concerned partners and with the chairs of the different working groups providing thematic updates. UNICEF continues to participate actively in the coordination meetings at national, provincial and local level and co-leads the commissions on communication, WASH and psychosocial care; and active in the working groups on logistics and vaccination.
UNICEF assists in the organisation of donator visits in the affected sites of Itipo and Mbandaka.