DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Conflict and displacement (UN, NGOs, media, DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 12 February 2020)

  • Violent attacks against civilians continue in north-west Beni, North Kivu province. Over 300 civilians have been killed since October 2019, when a military operation against a non-state armed actor, the so-called Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), was launched by the Congolese Army in an attempt to dismantle and expel the group.

  • Dispersed ADF forces operate in areas home to other militia groups hostile to state forces, like the Mai-Mai. Further violence is expected. In the latest attack on 8 February, 13 civilians were killed and around 20 kidnaped by ADF around Mangina (25 km from Beni City).

  • Recurrent attacks generate panic among local populations. Families seeking refugee in major cities are obliged to pass through dangerous areas to gain access to their lands and crops. Displaced populations are hosted by family members but also occupying schools and churches. Many are living in the open air and access to basic services is extremely limited.

  • The area affected by the violence is also facing Ebola (with active transmission in the zone), measles and cholera outbreaks.