DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report #7 1-13 May 2020

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• More than 17 million (42% of target) people reached with key messages on how to prevent COVID-19.

• Increased the target for “mask made in DRC initiative” to 1.4 million; already 1 million masks are ordered, and more than 200,000 masks are delivered

• In partnership with 237 radio stations and 14 television channels for the distance learning

• 123,791 calls through the COVID-19 Hotline in the last 2 weeks reaching a total of 387,529 calls

• 427 COVID-19 patients, 117 frontline caregivers and 173 children affected by COVID-19 provided with psychosocial support.

• 131,587 children vaccinated against measles in North Kivu.

UNICEF’s COVID-19 Response

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)

1)COVID-19 Hotline: The COVID19 hotline received 123,791 calls, out of which 20% were successfully managed. 961 calls were potential medical alerts and 23,933 were requesting general information, giving complaints and encouragements, etc. Rumors and suggestions have been collected and analyzed to help guide the overall communication strategy.

2)U-Report platform: through its automated bot: 21,591 people asked and received appropriate information on COVID-19 statistics, symptoms, spread mechanism, how to protect yourself and how to protect others, and myths.
Through its SMS center: 4,986 people received an answer to their questions. Over 41% of the questions were related to statistics and how COVID-19 is spreading in DRC (affected areas, number of confirmed cases, number of people recovered...) and 38% of questions were about generic information (signs, symptoms, modes of transmission, prevention, wearing of masks...).

Through sending key messages: 118,234 people received at least one key message. Key messages shared are: “Coronavirus is not always deadly”; “The best way to protect yourself and other is to respect the prevention measures”, “Staying informed can help you or your family members. Call the 101, 109 or 110 to get appropriate information on COVID-19, send an alert or receive medical assistance”.

Through agents of change: 1,766 Agents of Change shared one vital information received from the U-Report with at least three people. 921 Agents of Change agreed to share as information that COVID-19 is not always deadly. This strategy aims to enrol community members as Agents of Change and share information with their relatives and friends, and promote good practices.

3) Mass media Communication 271 radio stations and 55 TV channels broadcast messages on COVID-19 in the 7 most affected provinces (Kinshasa, North Kivu, South Kivu, Kwilu, Kongo Central, Haut-Katanga and Ituri). Some 20 million people were reached with key messages on how to prevent COVID-19.