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Democratic Republic of the Congo - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #6 Fiscal Year (FY) 2021

Situation Report
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19.6 MILLION Estimated Population in Need of Assistance UN – September 2021
26.2 MILLION Estimated Acutely Food-Insecure Population IPC – July 2021
5.2 MILLION Estimated Number of IDPs in the DRC UNHCR – September 2021
962, 000 Estimated Number of Congolese Refugees in Neighboring Countries UNHCR – September 2021
515, 000 Estimated Number of Refugees Sheltering in the DRC UNHCR – September 2021

  • Intensified military operations conducted by security forces in eastern DRC and armed group attacks on civilian populations have resulted in numerous casualties and mass displacement in recent months.
  • Malnutrition among children ages five years and younger and pregnant and lactating women is projected to significantly increase in health zones across the DRC, according to a September IPC analysis.
  • Armed attacks on civilian and humanitarian traffic continue to affect humanitarian organizations operating in the DRC