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Cholera Outbreaks in Central and West Africa: 2017 Regional Update - Week 48 [EN/FR]

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Chad: The outbreak seems to be under control. As per the end of W48, only the Regional Health Delegation of Salamat reported few sporadic cases. Based on the sitreps available (accessible online under “Current Outbreaks/Chad”), as per W49, no new cases were reported.
Nigeria: Only 2 LGAs in North East Nigeria are reported the remaining cases (Guzamala and Monguno).
The second round of cholera vaccination is currently ongoing but to be noted that it does not unfortunately target these 2 LGAs. For Borno state, several discrepancies were noticed, comparing the daily sitreps from Borno state and the federal consolidated bulletin produced by NCDC, and therefore, motivating the preference to directly collect the info from Borno daily sitreps

DR of the Congo: Between W1 and W48, 50,579 suspected cholera cases including 1,083 deaths (Case-fatality ratio of 2.1%) are reported from 23 provinces and 225 health zones. To be noted that while this bulletin was prepared, the completeness rate of the database shared was not of 100%. However, the overall decrease of the reported cholera incidence is clear as the incidence reduces in several provinces (notably North Kivu, South Kivu, Kongo Central, Sankuru, Tanganyika, and Ituri). The national coordination team for cholera control is stating in their last report that, the lack of systematic community-led response continues to great limit and hinder the overall control, and so is the absence of cholera response plan in the 10 main cities that could lead to new outbreaks as well.

Kasaï – cholera alert: The epidemic is still expanding to new areas in the Great Kasai, despite an overall reduction in the cumulative incidence. Readers shall find online a report on a new outbreak in Masuika area, 65km away from Luiza and 250km away from Kananga. The national coordination team for cholera control is encouraging partners currently working in Luiza to expand their area of intervention to Masuika and support the response there in order to prevent further expan-sion to Kananga.