DR Congo

Cholera Epidemic threatens Bukavu, DRC

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A cholera outbreak that began in Kadutu, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Bukavu, is spreading to other areas in the city and into rural zones and across the border into western Rwanda. A Cholera Crisis Committee, made up of NGOs and governmental agencies, has been set up to oversee provision of curative care, epidemiology surveillance and information dissemination, and provision of potable water. In response to this growing crisis, IRC is providing supplies and personnel to help halt the spread of cholera. Our engineers have assisted with the installation of water bladders at the Bukavu General Hospital and staff are supervising the distribution of 10 metric tons of lime for disinfecting latrines near water sources. In collaboration with international and indigenous NGOs, IRC has initiated and organized a three-day training of over 130 volunteer community-based health educators on basic cholera prevention principles. Using the Mellon Emergency Grant, $5,000 has been allocated to meet immediate needs.

Lorna Stevens
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