Central African refugee situation: Democratic Republic of the Congo - July 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jul 2017 View Original


  • Asylum seekers from Central African Republic continued to arrive in Bas-Uele and Nord Ubangi provinces. This new influx started mid-May and was triggered by violence, tensions and fear about imminent attacks in border areas, namely in the city of Bangassou, Bema and Mobayi.

  • Pre-registration of asylum-seekers was ongoing in Nord Ubangi province carried out by National Commission for Refugees (CNR). As of 25th July, 26,916 asylum seekers were identified and interviewed in the territories of Yakoma (8,468) and Mobayi – Mbongo (18,448). Among the most recent arrivals, a lot of children and pregnant women.

  • New clashes between “Seleka” and “Anti Balaka” militia in the town of Bangassou (CAR) on 21st July pushed again civilians to flee into DRC, in the area of Ndu (Bondo territory). Due to inaccessibility of most of the places where asylum-seekers gathered, it was impossible to estimate the number of new arrivals. General Direction of Migrations (DGM) estimated more than 37,000 asylum-seekers already present in Bondo territory since mid-May. At the time of reporting, pre-registration was being carried by CNR.

  • Following attacks in the town of Zemio (CAR) in June, around 4,000 asylum seekers were reported having arrived in Zapay (Ango territory, Bas-Uele province). Some Congolese returnees could be among these arrivals. Pre-registration as not yet begun at the time of reporting as required material was on its way to Ango.


Central African Refugees registered in DRC (as of 31st July 2017)

Of them living in five camps (as of 31st July 2017)

New arrivals identified by local authorities, General Direction of Migration (DGM) and National Commission for Refugees (CNR) starting from mid- May 2017. Figure to be verified.

Operational Context

Presence of elements belonging to armed militias “Seleka” and “Anti Balaka” from Central African Republic was reported in Zapay (Ango territory, Bas-Uele province). This area is already affected by the presence of LRA (Lord Resistance Army) militiamen. Therefore, Congolese military authorities called the population to evacuate the area. CNR is exploring the possibilities of supporting relocation of the most vulnerable. Around 4,000 asylum-seekers are in the area.