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Bulletin: Central Emergency Response Fund, Regional Office for West and Central Africa, July - September 2012

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CERF releases more than US$34.2 million for West and Central Africa on third Quarter, 55 per cent for DRC

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated a total of US$34,263,764 to nine countries of West and Central Africa during the third quater of the year (Q3). The total includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which received nearly 55 per cent of the funding. Other beneficiaries are Mali, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic (CAR), Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Niger, and Ghana. Cameroon and DRC benefitted from both the rapid response window (RR) and the second yearly allocation for Under-Funded emergencies (UFE).

On Q3 CERF allocations under the Rapid Response window have shifted significantly. While 49.9 per cent of the CERF RR funds allocated in the region during the first Semester went to Sahel countries for both the food and nutrition crisis and the Malian crisis, only Mali received CERF funds for these purposes during Q3. over 93 per cent of the $10.6 million allocated to five UN agencies in DRC were related to new population displacements in the Kivus. Close to $6 million were allocated to UNICEF and WHO to fight cholera in Niger, Ghana, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. Niger also received about 2.3 million for floods victims.

Under the UFE window, $8.12 million were allocated to DRC for Nutrition and Health activities initiated by UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA in South Kivu and Katanga, for WFP logistics activities in Katanga, and for FAO countrywide activities. In Cameroon, $900,000 were allocated to UNHCR for refugees from CAR and $1 million to WFP and UNICEF for Health and Nutrition activities.

CERF allocations during Q3 bring to $152.1 million the total amount of CERF funding to West and Central Africa countries this year (36.5% of the CERF allocations worldwide) including $115.5 million under the Rapid Response window (43.9% of the RR Funding worldwide) and $35.9 million under the UFE window (23.5 % of the UFE funding worldwide).

Out of 44 Countries which have received CERF funding in 2012, 15 are from West and Central Africa.

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